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  • Transmission format DCP
  • Language Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Latvian, Russian, Finnish
  • Subtitles English, German
  • Running time 83 min.
  • Color Color
  • Country of origin Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia
  • World sales cercamon
  • Distribution asfk

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The power plant is closing - unemployment takes over a town in eastern Slovakia. Ágoston, a tall, family man in his fifties ventures through eastern Europe in desperate attempt to get a job and fulfil his dream - to catch a big fish. In Baltic, he finds himself alone and deserted. His voyage leads him deeper and deeper into the ocean of bizarre events and encounters, with tall friendly woman, Russian friend with unfriendly intentions, and sad stuffed earless rabbit. Waves grind on sandy beaches and return to sea. New wave comes to wipe off the preceding one. The sea doesn’t end here and it definitely doesn’t start here.

  • Producers Marek Urban, Ferenc Pusztai, Jiří Konečný
  • co-producers Ivan Ostrochovský, Andrea Taschler, Ivo Ceplevics
  • story Gyorgy Kristof
  • screenplay Gyorgy Kristof, Gabor Papp, Eszter Horvath
  • Director Gyorgy Kristof
  • director of photography Gergely Pohárnok
  • set designer Branislav Mihalik
  • costume designer Hana Převrátilová
  • editor Adam Brothánek
  • sound Jan Richtr
  • music Miroslav Tóth


  • Agostan Sandor Therhes
  • Bea Eva Bandor
  • Eszter Judit Bardos
  • Ruslana Guna Zarina